Leobit shines brighter than a Ruby, proclaimed as one of the finest Ruby on Rails App Development Companies of 2020!

At Leobit, we always put emphasis on building the best digital products for our customers, in a manner that helps them to realize their true potential. Our demanding perfection standards have catapulted Leobit towards the stratosphere of success. A testament to this is the recent inclusion of Leobit in a list of the top Ruby on Rails Developers by TopDevelopers.co, a leading research and review platform of IT service providers.

Ruby on Rails is a time-efficient development framework that is easily scalable and promotes excellent quality, bug-free development. Leobit’s developers believe in constant learning and they have spent hundreds of hours tinkering with Ruby on Rails. The hard work of our team is the primary reason for our place in the market as one of the most efficient Ruby on Rails Development Companies.

A short client story
When an Australian company wanted to expand its business internationally by integrating the existing payment system with various payment gateways, they trusted Leobit with the responsibility.

While integrating the client’s payment system with various international payment services providers, our team found out that the penalty for non-compliance to various local laws was hefty. Hence our software engineers had to pass through a complex maze of local as well as international payment laws to ensure that the payment system of Leobit’s customer was compliant with all the regulations. We helped them in the development of an application that maintains the PCI DSS (payment card industry data security standards) level 1 certificate. Our expert developers used the SFTP file transfer protocol to ensure that the data was adequately protected during money transfer. The app built by Leobit helped the customer to increase the client base by a whopping 35%.

You can find more such success stories on our project page here.


TopDevelopers.co is a widely respected directory and review platform of IT service providers. They take a neutral approach in analyzing the companies. The team of analysts at TopDevelopers.co evaluate the companies through stringent parameters that ensure that only the most competitive firms, businesses, enterprises, and entrepreneurs are filtered through their process. This helps the service seekers in getting a ready-to-use pool of companies from which they can choose the appropriate firm according to their needs.