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Structured Flow of Legal Services

Business process visualization app

Leobit’s team helped the customer to create a lawyer marketplace where one can send a request to professional attorneys, get a consultation, share documents online, keep track of worked hours, and eventually have a problem solved. One of the biggest benefits of this web application is that it allows legal services to be delivered online with no face-to-face interaction.

Customer Location New York, USA

Technologies Airbrake, CoffeeScript, HAML, Ruby on Rails, Stripe, Twilio

Customer quote I have worked on more than 20 projects with Leobit team. I can’t speak more highly of how fantastic they are to work with.

Client background

A tech start-up aiming to facilitate the process of hiring attorneys. The founder made the Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list as a successful lawyer.

Business challenge

With the help of Twilio service our team helped users get in touch with lawyers in real time, and make payments through Stripe API. The product has more than twenty thousand registered users throughout the US (attorneys, paralegals, and customers).

Why leobit

Leobit’s developers are competent in various technical fields. The combination of professionalism, dedication and skill made it possible to develop web application which completely met customer’s needs.

Value delivered

Delivering legal services online with no face-to-face interaction

Communicating with professional attorneys in real time

Sharing documents online

20,000+ registered users throughout the US