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Product Management System

Full UI/UX Design Process for Tailor-Made Software

In the era of increased competition, businesses have to conquer the market with unique products and standout solutions. The customer contacted Leobit with the idea of delivering the first product management system that would combine the work of PMM, development teams and stakeholders in one place. They used Leobit’s UI/UX design expertise to ensure that software infrastructure would meet the needs embedded in the concept of their product.

Customer Location Illinois, USA

Team Senior & Middle UI/UX designers


Leobit UI/UX design team and our customer joined forces to create a product management tool that didn’t have alternatives in today’s market. The platform had to enable effective cooperation of PMM and development parts of the product life cycle in a single environment. One of the main challenges for Leobit designers was time constraints. The stakeholders anticipated a first working prototype in just a week since they joined the project. So our team created software requirements from a usability perspective in extremely short deadlines. Limited time for proper discovery and research stages of the UI/UX process, later on, resulted in another complication. The automatic sharing feature which should differentiate a customer’s product among others turned out to have a bigger impact on application logic than expected. This feature had to provide coordination of all milestones and control the product readiness for the launch. It also aimed to selectively share updates on project progress to specific members in an organizational hierarchical structure. As a result, our UI/UX experts have to go back to the research phase and adjust the product’s logic with additional user flows.

Project description

Being the product marketing manager himself, Leobit’s client faced the problem of poor communication between PMMs and developers. He understood that the success of any product depends on combining the competencies and knowledge of everyone involved in product development. Having this general idea Leobit’s experts made unbelievable: in the very short term, they conducted a complex analytical process to form a precise vision of a future software product. They elaborated a service blueprint to visualize the big picture of how a solution should be implemented and used by the target audience. They used the Red Route matrix to prioritize product features and presented stakeholders with well-thought-out and high-quality working prototypes in the first few weeks of the partnership. It helped the customer to attract investors and keep the project moving forward.

The customer’s platform became the first one on the market with a unique feature that automatically defines limits of responsibility and respectively sends updates to three main hierarchical levels – product development teams, stakeholders, and business owners. Such intricate business logic required additional research and expanding design system with flows not foreseen at the beginning. Our UI/UX team few times modernized information architecture to ensure an optimal sequence of steps to meet the business goals most promptly and efficiently.

Features & Functionalities

Flexible grid and layout system to easily support a content structure of any complexity and for any need and smoothly combine development teams at all stages of the product life cycle

Go-to-market feature with automatic module description based on quick inquiry responses

Automatic share of roadmaps and all real-time updates on product development progress with corresponding users

Instant access to the project’s knowledge base and flawless collaboration between team members that saves time on meetings and status checks

Customizable attributes to create ideal workflows and get maximum clarity when overseeing the project

End Users

Product teams from small startups to big enterprises that want to effectively develop and manage all the phases of the product lifecycle.


A thorough UI/UX design process conducted by Leobit’s team helped the customer to avoid potential time and financial risks during future development stages. They did extensive research interviewing the customer on their business needs, processes, and objectives. It resulted in creating a design system capable of clearly visualizing complex app functionality, delivering expected business results, and providing end-users with a pleasurable experience.

Our designers helped the customer to define a compelling and strategic product vision that would guarantee achieving the company’s long-term goals. In just a few weeks of cooperation, they presented detailed and convincing prototypes that raised investment funds to continue the product development. In the shortest terms, our design team prepared the most approximate UX MVP for software engineers as a basis for increased functionality.

Leobit’s UI/UX team also brought effective ideas for improving the customer experience with the existing product. Thus they recommended the customer additionally to the desktop app consider the development of software’s cropped version for mobile devices. It would give users “at-a-glance” views of an app’s most important functionality and important notifications even if they are on the go.