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A leading U.S. recruiting company contacted Leobit to develop the product that enables matching top-tier, highly accomplished, and seasoned executives with the corresponding employers for short-term assignments. As a result of this cooperation, Leobit created a sophisticated portal with embedded video consultation possibilities, which allowed the customer to build a successful franchise business and reach a wider market.

Customer Location Columbus, Ohio, USA

Technologies Ruby on Rails, Ruby, Heroku, PostgreSQL, Elastic Search, Twilio, Stripe, Calendar, Google Analytics, Mailgun, DaXtra, JS, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap

Customer quote Their commitment to understanding our business and maintaining clarity keeps the project on track.

Team 4-6 team members at different project stages

Client background

​The customer is an American company providing services in the field of recruitment. They help other companies to find the right interim executives or part-time executives for a specific assignment, as well as provide management consulting services for businesses of different types and sizes. They offer a customized solution for their clients delivering real professionals able to drive results within 3-9 months. The specialists listed on the website also provide advisory services via the platform, so that the company’s end-clients can get key insights and support immediately.

Business challenge

The customer’s company was founded back in 2005, and to meet the changing requirements of a constantly evolving business environment they decided to replace the existing portal with the brand new solution for faster and more convenient work. The product was meant to connect the company’s clients with candidates and provide the possibility to communicate inside the system, with the main functionality including chat, video conferencing, scheduling a meeting, interaction with Salesforce, etc. As a result, the portal users can find employees and get a consultation with C-level executives on-demand; candidates can find an appropriate position and get an extra income to provide consultation for companies; recruiters can easily find people for open positions.

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Columbus, Ohio, USA

Leobit is professional and responsive. Leobit’s work automating processes has generated significant growth. Internal stakeholders are impressed by the team’s commitment to satisfying requirements. Professional and accessible, Leobit manages the project well by providing thorough documentation and facilitating user acceptance testing. Their commitment to understanding our business and maintaining clarity keeps the project on track.

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Why leobit

Leobit was recommended to the customer by Leobit’s existing client at the moment. After the reference, the customer contracted Leobit as a long-term technology partner without hesitation. Leobit’s team knew that the main goal of the project was to automate business processes so that the customer could increase revenue by closing more positions for their clients. That’s why our experts recommended the customer to consider white labeling their website making the product even more profitable. The company liked the idea and gladly implemented it with the help of Leobit. Such a solution allowed them to become a franchise and enter the wider market getting additional revenues.

Project description

The project consists of four key stages.

Stage 1


The work on the project started from the discovery phase. The requirement manager and a QA specialist from Leobit’s side were communicating with the customer to define the scope of the project and establish business goals. Having achieved that, our experts created a website mockup so the customer could perceive the solution better and make additional suggestions. By the end of the discovery phase, our experts collected and analyzed all necessary information about the product and started web application development.

Stage 2


To implement this software solution, our developers have been using Ruby, a modern programming language that has many ready solutions right out of the box, thus making the development process more efficient in terms of time and budget. For automating the customer’s business processes, Leobit’s team integrated SFDC (Salesforce Dotcom) with the website, which allowed to import all the required job requisitions from Salesforce into the website and work on them using CVs available in the customer’s system. Integration also enabled information update between the SFDC-customer system. Our experts also managed email communication within the customer’s system in a way that gives the possibility to have all communication with all candidates linked to each job requisition separately and visible to all customer’s employees with respective access rights.

The developed solution has features of linking different information details with each other (each job requisition is linked with corresponding candidates, tasks, notes, email history, etc.) and a global search for finding items from all systems using defined criteria.

As a result, the solution developed by Leobit helped the customer to automate their business, making the whole process quick, efficient, and easy.

Stage 3


On September 2, 2019, the web application developed by Leobit was released. Currently, Leobit monitors system performance, collects users’ feedback and information about the desired improvements for future updates, and ensures bug fixing.

Stage 4


Leobit was contracted as a long-term strategic technological partner. The customer is highly satisfied with the results of our cooperation: “Their commitment to understanding our business and maintaining clarity keeps the project on track.” The company plans to add new features to the existing system and perform one more integration with the help of Leobit’s team.

Value delivered

Integration with SFDC that enabled information transfer to the customer’s website

Business process automation

Effective website navigation, easy and efficient users’ experience

Increased revenue of the customer’s company

Possibility to build a successful franchise business and reach a wider market