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Global Payment Platform

B2B Payment Solution for Online Transactions

The customer came to Leobit with a clear purpose in mind – to expand their business internationally, integrating the existing payment system with various payment gateways. Now, when the collaboration with Leobit started, the customer’s product supports multiple payment providers allowing the customer to have access to global selling opportunities.

Customer Location Queensland, Australia

Technologies .NET Core, C#, JavaScript, Redis, Docker, Kubernetes, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Visual Studio, AWS

Team 2 team members


While working on integrating the leading payment gateway providers (Stripe, CyberSource, MerchantWarrior, etc.), Leobit experts faced these challenges:

  • to provide seamless integration at an international level and not to incur a penalty. It was necessary to meet the strict compliance requirements of each payment provider
  • to guarantee secure transactions and reliable, sensitive data collection, all operations should be performed according to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).

Helped by Leobit, the customer company, received PCI DSS Level 1 Certification. It allowed Leobit developers to conduct all integrations under international data security standards. Our experts also used the SFTP file transfer protocol for data protection throughout file transfer operations to exclude any card fraud activity. AWS Key Management Service was used for data encryption.

Project description

The customer already had an existing payment solution and wanted to expand its functionality. Leobit experts investigated multiple payment gateways and integrated them into the system. Performed integrations allowed the platform to accept debit and credit cards for online transaction needs and helped the customer get into the international market. Using the latest approaches in .NET software development our experts created code that guarantees an easy integration with third-party services. Redis was used to check the accuracy of each transaction and overall payment flow correctness.

Each integration with the payment gateway was conducted effectively and quickly in order not to slow down the business of the customer. The speed of integration delivery, professionalism, and flexibility of our experts are highly appreciated by the customer that continues cooperation with Leobit for enhancing platform functionality.

Features & Functionalities

Payment flexibility and increased conversions due to various payment methods available on the platform

A full set of payment transactions (from card payments to refund operations)

Enhanced security of digital payments with credit card tokenization, integration with 3D Secure, and PCI DSS compliance

Clear user management that allows configuring users’ roles and permissions under one account with a strict record of all performed activities

Pre-authorizations to reduce the risk of cardholders and reserve their funds for a future payment transaction

A well-organized reporting system for analyzing payment data for conducting marketing campaigns and stimulating data-driven payments by merchants

Opportunity to track purchases, transaction history, chargeback, refunds and other financial manipulations by platform users

End Users

eCommerce stores, SaaS platforms, marketplaces, and individual merchants aim to serve customers in a hassle-free and user-friendly manner


Within the first three months of partnership with Leobit, our customer released an early version of their clients’ product ready for use. After all, the implemented integrations companies that use this payment solution can convert more users, offering them preferred payment options and decreasing cart abandonment at the final purchase stages.

Overall, Leobit developers expanded platform functionality for cross-border and multi-currency transactions and helped them find a room in national markets. Now when the customer product supports local payment methods and various currencies, the number of customer clients grew by 35%.