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Customizable Web CRM

A web CRM for enterprises

Keeping up with the evolution of technologies, the customer decided to create a web CRM for small and medium-sized enterprises. Our team came up with a unique development solution that brought to life a CRM codebase and UI that can be easily set up for different businesses’ needs. This approach is now utilized by thousands of organizations across more than 25 countries.

Customer Location Sydney, Australia

Technologies Angular 4, ASP.NET Core, CSS3, Entity Framework, HTML5, MS SQL, Ninject, Swagger

Team 3-10+ people

Client background

A leading Australian software solutions and consulting company specializing in corporate accounting, CRM, payroll, marketing, automation & reporting. For almost 20 years, the company has been providing excellent services to its clients all over the world.

Business challenge

The package incorporates extensive capacity of customization and configuration based on unique organizational requirements. Core functional areas of contact management include searching, list management, communications tracking, task assignment, and document management. The system facilitated extremely effectively.

Why leobit

Leobit is equipped with experts in all facets of web design and software development. That’s why our team successfully delivered the customer needed CRM. We developed a custom UI for email management. Our experts also used Google and Outlook API to get folder structure, attach files, send messages and emails, etc. The CRM integrates core business systems such as accounting, website, Office/Outlook and other relevant systems.

Value delivered

Improved speed and efficiency for serving end-clients, which led to significant decrease in operational expenses and allowed to save $350,000 within the first 6 months after the implementation

Extensive capacity of customization and configuration based on unique organisational requirements

Simplified process of searching, list management, communications tracking, task assignment, document management, etc