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Commercial Real Estate CRM

All-in-one CRM System for Real Estate Industry

In pursuit of facilitating the deal completion in the real estate industry, the customer partnered with Leobit to supplement their all-in-one custom CRM solution with new capabilities. This commercial real estate CRM is a hub for all business data, the most valuable asset that cannot be put at risk. It helps large and small companies to create better, lasting relationships with their clients and rapidly build their businesses.

Customer Location California, USA

Technologies ASP.NET Web Forms, Web API, Entity Framework, MS SQL Server, Hangfire library, AWS

Team 2 developers


Before cooperating with Leobit, the customer had another outsourcing partner that delivered poor quality codebase and exhausted the customer’s budget. That‚Äôs why the customer struggled to stay within time and budget constraints rejecting Leobit‚Äôs code refactoring suggestion. So, as a solution, the Leobit team came up with the idea to slightly reorganize existing interaction points and wrap up legacy code into a separate unit. It allowed building upcoming features on top of existing ones in a new flexible and scalable manner without high dependency on existing architecture, with minimal effort for refactoring.

A big data set uploaded for a processing time caused a huge load to the system, which reduced overall system performance. The Leobit team dedicated separate computation services for these needs to scale up and down on demand. This allowed to improve overall real estate CRM performance and handle background work in a scheduled and predicted manner.

The existing multiple email service providers’ integration destroyed the integrity and transparency in working with emails. Thus, why after investigating the reasons, our developers migrated to Mailchimp email marketing service and provided the ultimate simplicity and stability for all email-related features.

Project description

The customer wanted to add value to their CRM and gain a competitive advantage in the real estate market. They understood the importance of email marketing for any commercial real estate sales professional but found it difficult to integrate with CRM. To provide customers with such a powerful promotional tool, Leobit’s team reworked multiple 3rd party integration and self-made email solutions, performing seamless integration with Mailchimp. It opened up such opportunities for CRM users as managing distribution lists, sending emails, identifying prospects, etc. After the integration, real estate representatives can also segment their big lists of contacts into smaller lists and automatically sync those to Mailchimp. Then they can send campaigns to any group through Mailchimp without manual data entry or repeated import/export of contacts. Back in CRM software, users can see easily accessible and updated in real-time statistics of every email marketing campaign. Real estate agents can track how many people received an email, how many engaged, bounced or unsubscribed. All this information is displayed on a broker-friendly dashboard to help sales representatives quickly identify opportunities. Thus, Leobit developers granted a customer’s real estate CRM with valuable intelligence that makes every touchpoint with prospects and existing clients more effective.

Due to mistakes the previous development team made while backing up the customer‚Äôs data, the database’s size grew to about 200 Gb. The big data necessary to analyze for some type of actions slowed down server response and impeded performance. Leobit‚Äôs SQL developer compacted the customer’s database, eliminating wasted space and reducing the data file space to 50GB. So, our expert managed to shrink the database by 4 times. Also, he sorted out the information by separate buckets and extracted non-SQL-friendly data into separate dedicated storage. That allowed use of the specially designed data processor service per each data type and significantly optimized data analysis.

Features & Functionalities

Ability to consult all of your prospects and existing clients in one place

Skyrocketed prospecting success by eliminating duplicates and making every required information instantly accessible

Tracking every interaction with a customer since the beginning of your conversation to demonstrate the highest level of expertise and professionalism

Instant update of all the sales and list transactions without any redundant data entry

Opportunity to turn all the data into presentation-quality reports in just seconds

One centralized place to store sale and lease comps with the most complete and intuitive tracking system

Notifications describing your past conversations and meetings, every email you’ve ever send or received, reminders about future tasks, etc.

Easiest on-boarding process and the simplest experience from using CRM due to unlimited support, personalized training, and customization

End Users

Large and small companies that focus on effective management of their CRE business, boosting their productivity, and winning more deals.


Leobit’s customer operates across all USA states, serving over 10,000 clients. By improving and enhancing capabilities of the existing customer’s CRM, Leobit team:

  • brought transparency, efficiency, and insight within real estate workflows
  • added powerful email marketing feature to CRM thanks to integration with Mailchimp
  • configured complete email campaign reports with engagement statistics inside the CRM system to proactively identify prospects
  • helped to reach 60% release in users‚Äô manual efforts thanks to process automation
  • set up effective pipeline management and thorough tracking of each transaction stage to drive completion deals
  • significantly improve overall system performance