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Quality Assurance Services

Quality Assurance
and Testing Services
for Flawless Software Solutions

...ensure your product success and seamless user experience.


Without continuous quality control conducted by QA engineers, any software will suffer from numerous bugs and crashes. Manual testing and test automation allow developers to prepare products for deployment, ensure the ultimate performance, and seamless user experience. This is a critical process for both large enterprises with thousands of end-users and startups that are just making headway. Quality assurance guarantees launching a stable and reliable software that serves as a solid basis for future upgrades and advances.

Leobit delivers fully managed quality control and testing services that ensure the remarkable quality and efficiency of our client’s products. Our specialists set-up comprehensive testing process starting from requirement analysis up to client acceptance. After the product release, we contribute to the creation of a cost-effective maintenance strategy to assist our clients with software optimization. Our principle is ‘prevention over inspection’, therefore, we build products with quality in mind relying on leading industry standards and testing practices. Our approach is to keep the balance between unit testing, integration testing, functional test automation, and manual testing to achieve the desired quality and performance.


Quality analysis and testing services are a multi-faceted process consisting of numerous subtypes, each of which requires deep expertise and experience. Leobit’s QA team specializes in test automation, functional, regression, exploratory, non-functional, and manual testing as well as software requirements specification elaboration and wireframes prototyping. We select the most effective testing approaches for every project and combine them to achieve the maximum result. The selected QA methodology heavily depends on the scope of the project and the software development stage at which the testing started. Leobit always conducts project analysis, evaluates testing automation opportunities, and software performance indicators before testing. We advise our clients to involve testing specialists as early as possible to reduce the overall development costs and proactively predict any possible issues. Launching testing practices at the project initiation phase, our customers significantly reduce the number of defects and decrease the rework cost in the long-run. To stay competitive in the current market conditions, your company needs to understand that product quality is no less important than its features. To ensure this, Leobit has elaborated the quality assurance procedure with the following stages:


Due to a broad range of testing applications, technologies, and mobile devices, professional testing services require immense flexibility. We are ready to supplement your development team or control the quality from the initial project stages. Leobit develops a customized testing strategy for every case based on time, budget, and other applicable limitations. Out leading specialists support the most common testing approaches and models, including:

Our dedicated QA team can become a valuable asset to the existing testing team at your company at any stage of the project life-cycle. We effectively integrate QA and testing activities within Agile development methodologies, taking into account current project needs and involved risks. You can choose the size of a team necessary to cover your testing needs and easily scale it if necessary. Leobit smoothly incorporates “in-cycle” testing in the software development pipeline to continuously deliver a high-quality product on time and budget. We also adhere to a proactive testing approach based on V&V testing model, early requirements analysis, and extensive usage of specification- and experience-based test design techniques.
Leobit offers on-demand software testing based on the T&M cooperation model. This allows your company to get extensive testing help, starting from first time testing to testing on various sets of configurations (OSs, mobile/tablet), independent testing, and more. We provide qualified and experienced testing engineers within a few business days. They know how to combine formal and informal testing techniques to achieve the best test coverage and performance within the shortest time.
Working with the fast-paced Agile/XP development that requires continuous software testing and delivery, our manual QA engineers extensively use automated data-driven testing. This allows us to increase software testing speed and overall test efficiency. The most common testing automation approaches we use include GUI Automated Testing (Selenium IDE, Ghost Inspector, Jmeter) and Interface/API (SoapUI, Katalon Studio, and Postman). We also boast highly skilled in-house AQA experts in the cutting-edge test automation frameworks, such as Selenium Web Driver, Protractor, Cucumber, and Appium.
With over 10 years of testing experience, our QA managers can bring their wealth of knowledge and leading practices to your company. Relying on our profound manual testing and functional automation testing expertise, we can advise a cost-effective testing strategy for specific project needs. Whether you run into a bottleneck quality issue or just want to understand the quality control processes on your project, Leobit can assist your company.