As you all know, on the 24th February 2022 Russia with the involvement of Belarus started a military invasion of Ukraine territory.

We greatly appreciate your uplifting support and concerns about the well-being of Ukraine and Leobit team. Thank you for standing with Ukraine in this difficult time.

We understand your concerns about the risks it can bring to your business. We want to assure you that the Russian invasion is not influencing the continuity of our software development business. We continue to operate at full capacity, work in the distributed remote mode and keep active communication with our customers and our employees.

We have had a Russian invasion since 2014, so the war has been ongoing since 2014 when they occupied Crimea and part of Donetsk & Luhansk East regions. Definitely, the business continuity plan of Leobit for potentially worse cases was developed back in 2014. In the current situation Leobit’s main priorities are the following:

  • Support of Ukraine and its defenders by all means
  • Ensuring the safety of our employees
  • 100% continuity of our services for our existing and new clients

We continue delivering great services for our customers as we have the strongest motivation — to help Ukraine to win as soon as possible. 95% of our employees live in Lviv or West Ukraine, the other 5% are already relocated to the western part of Ukraine or other countries. The situation in West and in Lviv where Leobit is located is stable. Our army is fighting the enemies in the North, East, and South of Ukraine.

All of our people are working remotely on laptops, we have cloud corporate IT infrastructure stored on US & EU servers and no dependencies on the office. We have settled up the trustful payment channels for all our clients from EU, UK and US, as well as for our in-house engineers, so the financial operations are running safely. 

Keep calm and support Ukraine by continuing and extending your business co-operation with Ukraine & Leobit. This will not only be beneficial for your business but also will make a contribution to support Ukraine and stand against the Russian aggressors.