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New Software for a Music Application

Software for a legendary jukebox

The project’s goal was to create software for a jukebox. Leobit’s unique approach in developing following solution united HoReCa and content providers on a brand new level.

Customer Location Austin, Texas, USA

Technologies FFmpeg, Prism, RX, WPF

Client background

US based company came up with an idea to breathe a new life into a legendary jukebox for local entertainment businesses.

Business challenge

Leobit managed to create solution that offers a redesigned experience combining old users’ favorite features with the plasma screen and unlimited content. Now it allows users to listen to their favorite music and watch videos while hanging out with friends.

Why leobit

Using WPF Leobit’s team enabled to output the information into two screens, one with the current player and the other with a list of all songs that can be chosen next. The server requests a music aggregator to provide the songs for any taste.

Value delivered

Created an interactive kiosk solution with enhanced searchability and user experience

Applied extensive experience of working with media files and WPF to ensure smooth operation and files reproduction

Changed the way an old-fashioned box of plates is perceived

Linked HoReCa with content providers